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The EasyFootings® system is a very solid, prefabricated and durable foundation solution for a wide variety of facilities / buildings, extremely easy to install and reusable. EasyFootings® micropile foundations are used   in places where it is necessary to transfer large concentrated loads to deeper (more durable) soil layers. By focusing on innovation, sustainable development, and optimal design processes, we are a generator of new growth and new technologies in construction and architecture. Good planning and development of construction technology are important for the well-being and safety of investors and users, as well as for business development and environmental protection. EasyFootings® is the right answer to the current needs using the right means and technologies in construction. EasyFootings®: producer of an innovative micropile system - micropile footings instead of concrete foundations.


EXW - From the plant

A defined place of loading, used for all types of transport, the seller places the goods at the disposal of the buyer on its own or other premises. The seller is not responsible for loading or export customs clearance. The buyer bears all risks and costs associated with or resulting from the loading of the goods   at the place specified by the seller.


DAP - Delivered At Place

The seller is considered to have delivered the goods if the goods have been made available to the buyer for unloading from the means of transport on which they were transported to the specified place. The seller bears all risks associated with the delivery of the goods to that place. DAP is a new delivery clause that was created to replace three other clauses on the subject (namely DAF, DES, DDU) contained in the previous version of Incoterms from 2000.


Shipment / Delivery:

- Via the courier company DPD / DHL according to rates.


Innovation is part of the EasyFootings DNA:
   develop new constructive solutions
   introduce innovations in assembly solutions 
   anticipating assembly problems at the design stage,
   propose new materials
   implement high-performance solutions  

As the construction sector is responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions, ecology is at the center of our interests.
The design of our foundations is based on ecological values:
   use low carbon and recyclable materials
   reduce the amount of transport and hoists
   reduce construction time
   reduce the amount of construction waste
   and above all, building energy-efficient buildings 
   lowering the costs of our foundation system to make it available to as many investors as possible


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Tytuł: „Analiza i ocena efektów środowiskowych przystosowaniu systemu fundamentowania EasyFootings® w budownictwie mieszkaniowym”

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