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Innowacyjne podejście,
z wykorzystaniem nowej metody produkcji fundamentów

Dzięki seryjnej produkcji w europejskiej fabryce EasyFootings®, zapewniamy naszym klientom najwyższy standard jakości zgodny z certyfikatem CE.

EasyFootings ® : the producer of the innovative micropile system - micropile footings instead of concrete foundations.  Through serial production at the EasyFootings ® factory, we can guarantee the high CE standard of quality. Our commitment to excellence means that we spend the extra time and resources to ensure that our products are of the highest quality - in practice, this means that you as a customer will be completely satisfied.



The EasyFootings ® system has several certificates and awards that guarantee and confirm the quality and durability of our solutions. We are confident in what we offer and deliver. We approach each order individually and with full professionalism, thanks to which we meet the requirements of our customers.  

Construction products on the way to the market, or what the buyer should know.

Before a construction product can be sold, it is necessary to obtain documents confirming the admission to trading. This process is regulated by the Construction Products Act. There are several ways to place a product on the market. The most commonly used is approval through certification and CE marking. Obtaining the CE mark requires the manufacturer to assess the conformity of a given product and to issue a declaration of conformity. The authorization to assess the conformity of a given product is confirmed by the Factory Production Control (FPC) certificates. The right to use the CE marking of a product gives the assessment of its compliance with a harmonized standard (PN-EN) or a European or national technical approval. Marking the product with the CE mark is tantamount to the manufacturer's declaration that the product is characterized by the given parameters. This marking also provides certainty as to the origin and quality of the product. Foundation if necessary  based on the EasyFootings ® system is certified by a registered engineer / practitioner who provides calculations, design.

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